Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that Won’t Cause Your Wallet to Spring a Leak!

A bathroom is one of the most personal and intimate rooms in your home. Every bathroom in your home (whether it’s the master bath, kids’ bathroom or the powder room) should look great and help you feel relaxed every time you enter, no matter if you are taking a long, luxurious bath or simply brushing your teeth before work.

Dreaming about changing your bathroom is one thing, but putting your bathroom remodel into action is another entirely. Organizing your bathroom remodeling ideas and navigating the remodeling process can be tricky, especially if this is your first time renovating. The Renovation Roadmap™ is an online renovation tool that makes any home remodel straightforward, stress-free and fun!

Members begin with Plan the Journey, which features worksheets to help you organize your ideas to start your project strong. The Renovation Roadmap helps you think of concrete ideas and goals and provides you with the resources needed to put them into action. Here are a few unique bathroom remodeling ideas you can bring to life with the Renovation Roadmap without breaking the bank:

Install a Pedestal Sink

While countertop sinks are still a popular choice, pedestal sinks have had a makeover with newer contemporary options now available. A traditional pedestal sink offers a quaint and elegant alternative if you have a more traditional design aesthetic in your home. Pedestal sinks can be particularly useful in small bathrooms or powder rooms where storage is not a consideration. Commonly made from porcelain or iron, pedestal sinks are smooth, sleek and – perhaps most importantly – easily cleaned, making them a great option.

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Switch Out Your Shower Tile

If you need quick hit bathroom remodeling ideas, try swapping out the builder grade tile in your shower for colorful or patterned tile. Depending on how the tile was installed, the whole wall does not necessarily have to be retiled – swapping out a small square or rectangular shape can transform a bathroom. Colorful tile works as a great accent and brings life to your bathroom without re-painting the other walls. To complement your new tile, change out your shower curtain for a glass shower door enclosure to show off the gorgeous colors or design.

Going to a tile showroom and shopping for the perfect tile for your bathroom can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be with the Renovation Roadmap! The Shopping Pit Stop tool offers material selection checklists, sample selection sheets, and shopping tips so you can shop for your shower tile and other products with confidence.

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Use Earthy, Spa-Like Decorations

What better way to create a gorgeous, relaxing bathroom than to turn it into your own personal spa? Decorations go a long way in transforming a bathroom’s appearance and atmosphere. If you want to create your own natural oasis in your bathroom, choose earthy tones such as brown, beige, and green in your decorations and design choices. Add small plants like succulents to your bathroom countertop as a charming decoration. No green thumb? Today’s fake plants are not like Grandma’s used to be – they look real and need no looking after! To continue with the “outdoors in” feel, look for bath mats that mimic natural designs and patterns like wood or pebbles.

Having trouble coming up with ideas? Membership to the Renovation Roadmap gives you access to an entire online community, where you can ask real homeowners just like you for bathroom remodeling ideas and decorating tips.

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