How to Make An Online Home Remodeling Tool Work for You

The idea of planning for and navigating the home renovation process often takes the fun and excitement of a home remodel away from homeowners. A home remodel gives you the opportunity to transform your home and create a gorgeous space you love, so you should embrace your project, not dread it.

There are a variety of general project management websites out there that are useful for helping you organize several different kinds of projects, from making a grocery list to planning a vacation and everything in between. While these general sites have useful tools for overall organization, you need a program specifically designed for home renovations, such as online home remodeling software to make your project a success.

Online home remodeling software can help make your home renovation straightforward and bring back the fun. The Renovation Roadmap™ is an online home remodeling program comprising countless resources, including step-by-step renovation guidance, videos, checklists, community support, and more. The sole purpose of the renovation software is to help you plan and complete your remodel from beginning to end. Below are only a few benefits of using the Renovation Roadmap:

Easy-to-Follow Process

One of the most difficult parts of a home renovation is navigating the process, or even knowing how to get started. Using the Renovation Roadmap as your online home remodeling tool means you get  straightforward, step-by-step guidance to completing your project. It has 8 simple and easy-to-follow steps that guide you through your renovation, from Plan the Journey to organize your ideas, to Shopping Pit Stop for purchasing advice, all the way through Light at the End to help with quality control.


Membership to the Renovation Roadmap is affordable, featuring monthly or yearly subscription options so you can choose the membership that works best for your needs. Your subscription gives you access to all of the features and resources, so you have everything you need at your fingertips for a smooth renovation. Better still, you can save up to four renovation projects all in one place. Finished with the kitchen and ready to move on to the master bath? No problem – we’ve got you covered.

The Renovation Roadmap also helps you save money during your renovation and avoid costly mistakes. With our online home remodeling program guiding your project, you will learn how to create and stick to a budget in addition to making well-informed purchases and financial decisions.

Homeowner Confidence

Any renovation can be challenging, so feeling confident and in control is crucial for a successful project. The Renovation Roadmap provides the guidance and resources you need to navigate the often-rocky renovation process and come out the other side with a beautiful result. Each step features an introduction video that provides an overview of your next tasks as well as inspiration on how to get there. Members also have access to an online community, where they can interact with other renovating homeowners as well as industry experts and designers providing advice and support.

Choose the Renovation Roadmap for Online Home Remodeling Excellence

For your next renovation project, you need a resource that gives you all the tools you need for success. The Renovation Roadmap features a straightforward process, invaluable resources, and access to an online community of support. With the Renovation Roadmap, you will be well-prepared to complete even the most challenging renovation.

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