How to Complete a Kitchen Remodel – Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Your kitchen plays a large role in your daily life. Not only is this space where you feed your family, but it’s where you spend the most time entertaining guests and creating memories. Completing a kitchen remodel can ensure your kitchen stays functional while looking its best as the years go by.

No matter if you’re simply upgrading your counters or looking to completely redo your kitchen, you want an easy, fun process that will give you the kitchen of your dreams. The last thing you need when completing a kitchen remodel is a confusing, stressful process, and a kitchen remodel checklist is just what you need to keep you on track every step of the way.

The Renovation Roadmap™ has a variety of resources, including sample documents, videos, tip sheets, advice, and much more to assist you with your home remodel. The Renovation Roadmap will give your project a strong foundation, and help you accomplish everything on your kitchen remodel checklist:

Do Research & Organize Your Ideas

Your kitchen remodeling must begin with doing research and planning your project so you can set yourself up for a smooth renovation. This is where you pull all of your ideas together and set up a foundation for your project that will carry you forward.

The Renovation Roadmap’s first four steps—Plan the Journey, Travel Partner, Watch for Hazards, and Price the Journey—are designed to help you in the crucial research stage of your kitchen remodel. The worksheets found in Plan the Journey and the sample floor plans and tools in Watch for Hazards help you organize your ideas and create your kitchen design. Travel Partner gives you all the advice and tips you need to successfully pick a contractor, and Price the Journey helps you create—and most importantly, stick to—your budget.

Purchase Counters, Cabinets, and Appliances

Once you have a gorgeous kitchen design in mind, the next step of your kitchen remodel checklist is to begin making purchases (that’s the fun part)! Whether you want sleek granite countertops that compliment your contemporary kitchen cabinets or prefer a butcher-block island to create a more traditional, country fee – the Renovation Roadmap helps you keep your design on track (and within budget). And don’t forget those appliances!  Hunting to find high-quality brands that not only fit your style but can stand up to your daily cooking activity is crucial to your enjoyment for years to come.

The Renovation Roadmap’s Shopping Pit Stop feature gives you the advice and guidance you need to make informed purchases. Our material selection checklists give you an easy-to-follow plan for choosing the best materials and products while staying under budget.

Double Check Everything

When most of your project is complete, the last few steps of your kitchen remodel checklist involve quality assurance. You don’t want to use your new space until you are sure everything is exactly as you imagined. The work completed by your contractor, your chosen materials and appliances, and any necessary documentation must be to your satisfaction. As you near the end of your kitchen remodel, make sure every detail looks right before you declare it finished!

The Renovation Roadmap’s Read the Map, Remove Road Blocks, and Light at the End are designed to help you finish strong with quality control resources and advice. During these steps, you will have access to sample documents, tips for communication, and checklists to ensure your renovation is of the quality you deserve.

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel Checklist with the Renovation Roadmap!

The Renovation Roadmap can guide you through your entire kitchen remodel to give you a stress-free and fun experience. When you join the Renovation Roadmap, you will gain access to endless resources such as videos, checklists, advice from our online community of members, sample documents, worksheets, and much more. You will find resources and advice for every step on your kitchen remodel checklist.

Create your dream kitchen today! Learn more and start your membership online.

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