How an Online Renovation Planner Can Help You Save Green

One of the most challenging parts of any home renovation is financial planning. You may see your entire renovation vision clearly in your mind, have the perfect contractor lined up and the dedication to see it through to the end, but the fear of blowing your budget and not making the best purchases derails your confidence.

You can control your budget and avoid stressful situations with an online renovation planner guiding your project. The Renovation Roadmap™ is the only intuitive online tool available that makes every step of your home renovation straightforward and fun! The 8-step roadmap contains checklists, tip sheets, downloadables, videos and other resources to keep you motivated during the entire renovation process.

Create and Stick to a Realistic Budget With Price the Journey

Don’t begin a renovation without a clear, comprehensive and realistic budget. Too many renovation projects go off the rails due to unrealistic budgets, or a lack of any budget at all. When developing your budget, marry your current financial capabilities with your renovation goals. Take your long term goals into account too – if you only plan to stay in the home for another 3-5 years, your investment goals and the ROI of your remodel will not be the same as if this is your forever home. Make sure your budget is realistic and that you are prepared to stick to it.

The Renovation Roadmap’s Price the Journey tool helps you create a realistic budget that allows you to work toward your goals. Price the Journey contains pricing sheets, videos and forms which are all designed to help you build a realistic budget and guide your project. This online renovation planner will make staying within your price range easy.

Conquer the Home Improvement Store With Shopping Pit Stop

Making the best purchases that fit within your budget is the next challenging hurdle during a renovation. If you don’t plan carefully, you may suddenly find you’ve spent half your budget on furniture, appliances and other products on only a few purchases. Shopping during your renovation requires a delicate balance between making smart, informed purchases, buying your must-haves AND staying on budget. With an online renovation planner guiding your project, shopping does not need to be stressful.

With Shopping Pit Stop from the Renovation Roadmap, you will have everything you need to navigate the aisles of any showroom with confidence!  With tips and material selection sheets, Shopping Pit Stop will help you find the best products, hunt for the best prices and keep your spending under control. This translates to more money in your pocket and a beautiful new home.

Prevent Costly Mistakes With Light at the End

When your project is almost complete and you can see your dream home on the horizon, every detail needs to be perfect. If your contractor hasn’t completed something properly or a finish needs to be redone, it will cost extra money (and time) to fix. The problem most homeowners have is not knowing what to look for and what questions to ask before getting into a mess right at the end of the project leading to the dreaded never-ending “when will they be done??” syndrome. Light at the End is the very last step on the Renovation Roadmap and it offers easy to use quality control checklists so you can ensure you receive high quality workmanship from your contractor and avoid having to make costly replacements or re-do already completed work so close to the finish line.

Shop With Ease and Stay Under Budget With the Renovation Roadmap!

If the thought of creating a budget, making the best purchases and quality checking your project intimidates you, choose the Renovation Roadmap (the only fully comprehensive online renovation planner on the market) to help! Filled with tips, videos and checklists designed to help you save money, the Renovation Roadmap takes the stress out of the financial and budgeting challenges of your renovation. The Renovation Roadmap goes beyond helping you save money. With several resources and tools at your disposal, the Renovation Roadmap helps you choose a contractor, align your space, organize your ideas and much more! You even have access to an online community of homeowners just like you to swap ideas and get input on your reno.

Are you ready to begin your next renovation? Visit our Freebies page to watch our introductory video explaining Why the Renovation Roadmap is the perfect guide on your remodeling journey.

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