Expert Kitchen Remodeling Advice for a Stress-Free Project

Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task for any homeowner. During a kitchen remodel, there are lots of decisions that need to be made:  picking your kitchen layout, determining if you need (or just want) all new cabinets, deciding which type of appliances to go with, selecting backsplash tile, and much more. Trying to balance all of these tasks but staying within your budget and ending up with your dream kitchen can be a challenge. A kitchen renovation does not need to be stressful, however. Using an an online renovation planner  that also provides expert kitchen remodeling advice can make the entire kitchen remodel process easier.

The Renovation RoadmapTM has the know-how and tools you need to complete a kitchen remodel without it turning into a renovation nightmare. We provide  expert kitchen remodeling advice and guidance to take the fear out of any remodeling project.

Pick the Right Contractor

One of our first and most important pieces of expert kitchen remodeling advice is to choose the right TYPE contractor for your particular needs. Some contractors focus on a volume of smaller jobs, while others focus on more design-intensive and complex projects. You want to make sure you do extensive research and do not rush to hire the first contractor you interview. When researching a contractor, read their testimonials or reviews, see how long they have been in business, look through their portfolio to see if you see examples of projects that are similar in size and scale to yours, and see if they have any recent awards. Read their mission statement and review their renovation process – get a sense of how the contractor will work to bring your renovation to life in a reasonable timeframe. Is their process straightforward and transparent? If not, move onto the next contractor.

The Renovation Roadmap makes picking a contractor easy! The Travel Partner section gives you tips on choosing and interviewing the right contractor for your project. This helps you start your kitchen remodel off strong with a contractor who is a perfect fit!

Set and Stick to a Realistic Budget

Many kitchen remodels go way over budget long before project completion. Often, this is because homeowners do not work with their contractor to establish a realistic budget at the beginning of the project. Or, if they have a budget, they quickly let it fall by the wayside and make big purchases, then suddenly find themselves without enough money left over. To avoid this pitfall, carefully create a realistic budget before you begin your kitchen remodel and create a straightforward plan for sticking to it. Discuss it upfront with your contractor and ensure your materials allowances are clearly identified in your contract documents.  Closely assess your renovation goals and current financial capabilities and do some research on what some of the products and design choices you want cost.

The Renovation Roadmap’s Price the Journey tool helps you create a budget and stay on track during the entire renovation. We provide expert kitchen remodeling advice regarding your budget to ensure you have a clear financial plan to follow during your renovation.

Let Your Design Guide Your Project

Some homeowners begin a kitchen remodel with lots of ideas in their mind for how the layout and design should look, but they never put those ideas on paper. Unfortunately, this leaves the contractor to interpret what they think they’re hearing and it can lead to lots of miscommunication and missteps along the way. As you complete your kitchen remodel, make sure everything you do works toward your kitchen design goal – and write it down! Do the appliances you want to purchase fit into your ideal design (and not blow your budget)? What about your paint colors and lighting choices? Use your chosen kitchen design to guide your decisions and ensure you end up with what you’ve envisioned all along.

The Renovation Roadmap has a variety of resources to help you organize your ideas and create your kitchen design. With countless checklists, examples, and worksheets, the Renovation Roadmap not only helps you choose your kitchen design but ensures you work toward achieving this design every step of the way.

Use the Renovation Roadmap for Expert Kitchen Remodeling Advice & Resources

When you begin a remodel, guided expert advice goes a long way towards a stress-free, smooth renovation experience. The Renovation Roadmap, our online renovation planner, helps  you plan every individual step of your remodel. We provide you with all the resources you need including sample contracts, checklists and tip sheets that will see you through from start to finish. Each step in the process is explained through on-line videos, and you can exchange ideas and get advice from design experts and other homeowners  in the Renovation Roadmap Community and live Q&A sessions.

For expert kitchen remodeling advice, resources, and guidance, begin your journey with the Renovation Roadmap!  Become a member today!

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