Don’t Let Your Home Remodel Make a Fool of You – Trust a Home Renovation Planner!

A home renovation should be an exciting and fun time during which you create the space and home of your dreams. However, many home renovation projects go off the rails not far into the process. Whether you end up with a contractor who isn’t quite the right fit, overshoot your budget and have to cut corners on the project, or “wasn’t expecting that” moments cause delays and it gets far off schedule, some of us are left feeling foolish at the hands of our own home remodel.

It doesn’t have to be this way! If you’re looking for an intuitive, hands-on resource to guide your home renovation, try out a home renovation planner like the Renovation Roadmap™! The Renovation Roadmap is designed to keep you focused, energized and give you the know-how to completing a home renovation from start to finish. Be the master of your remodel!

Get Organized:

Excellent organization throughout is the key to avoiding a renovation nightmare. However, with so many ideas to consider and decisions to make, staying organized on your own is not always an easy task. The Renovation Roadmap is designed to keep your project organized and on schedule from beginning to end. The eight-step roadmap outlines every stage of the renovation process, and every step is filled with checklists, tip sheets, downloadables and more to give you everything you need to stay organized. Plan the Journey is the first step on your renovation journey and helps you gather and organize your renovation ideas so you can start out strong.

Stay on Budget:

Budgeting is one of the most challenging aspects of a remodel for many homeowners, especially those who have never renovated before. Far too many renovations end up way over budget early on in the process, and homeowners have to sacrifice some of their must-haves to keep their heads above water during the rest of the project. The Renovation Roadmap’s Price the Journey step makes creating and sticking to your budget simple! This budgeting tool helps you line up your renovation goals with your current financial capabilities and provide tips for making smart, informed purchases. With a home renovation planner like the Renovation Roadmap by your side, you will stay on budget and on task.

Quality Control:

The last thing you need is to end up with a poorly constructed remodel. You don’t want to spend more time, money and energy re-doing part or all of your renovation due to poor workmanship. Use the Renovation Roadmap’s Watch for Hazards to learn how to avoid common expensive renovation mistakes and learn the warning signs so you can avoid them. Once your renovation has almost come to an end, Light at the End provides handy quality control checklists and tips to ensure your project is finished with the quality you deserve, from top to bottom.

Renovate with Confidence with the Renovation Roadmap

The Renovation Roadmap is a home renovation planner designed to help homeowners just like you avoid a renovation nightmare and have fun while renovating! The Renovation Roadmap’s extensive resources including checklists, material tip sheets, videos, forums, and more will keep you on top of your project, instead of ending up feeling like a fool.

Choose a home renovation planner for a straightforward, seamless remodel process. Sign up for the Renovation Roadmap today!

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