DIY Home Renovation Ideas for Your Next Project


Do-it-yourself renovation projects are incredibly popular, especially for homeowners who have never completed a remodel before or want a simple change in their home. If you are one of these homeowners looking for DIY home renovation ideas, a quick online search results in thousands of video tutorials, lists, infographics, printouts, and more.

Many of these DIY projects—involving anything from rearranging a room to building and painting your own furniture—are meant to be manageable for you to do without a contractor. Although these projects are supposedly designed for you to do-it-yourself, you don’t need to do-it-alone! The Renovation Roadmap™ is an online home remodeling tool that makes any home remodel easy, stress-free, and fun!

Here are a few simple DIY renovation projects you can complete with help from the Renovation Roadmap:

1. Paint!

Don’t underestimate the power of a new coat of paint. Whether painting the walls of a room or a piece of furniture, a brand new color can do wonders to transform a space. Paint color can make a room feel bigger or smaller and affect our mood. For your project, try painting a bold accent wall in your living room to draw the eye. Or sand and re-paint your dining room chairs a new shade to beautify your dining room.

The Renovation Roadmap offers countless tip-sheets and checklists to guide you through your painting project. Download our FREE Intention Painting Worksheet to get started.

2. Spruce Up Your Front Door

The front door and entryway often gets overlooked during renovations, but is in fact one of the most important spaces in your home! Having a beautiful front door and entry will ensure your guests feel welcome the second they reach your porch. For your next DIY home renovation idea, try painting the outer side of your front door a bright, inviting color like red or green. Add a bench, lighting, plants, and a hanging decoration like a wreath for extra appeal.

The Renovation Roadmap’s Plan the Journey tool features worksheets that help you think of and organize your ideas and start your project off strong. With the Renovation Roadmap guiding your project, you can create a charming, inviting front door that your guests will love.

3. Get Creative with Storage

An organized home is a beautiful home. If your home currently has limited storage space, a great DIY home renovation idea is to create your own! Swap out an end table for one that has drawers and/or built-in shelves to keep bins of your belongings. You can keep items under your stairs for storage, or even install built-in shelving or drawers into the side of your stairs for a creative way to keep everything in its place.

With the Renovation Roadmap, you have access to an entire online community of home design experts and other home owners just like you! You have the opportunity to connect with and draw inspiration from this community and receive unique storage ideas that will help you organize your home.

4. Switch Out Your Hardware

The smallest details can pull together the entire look of any room. For this DIY home renovation idea, go shopping for new handles, hinges, and knobs for your cabinets, dressers, and drawers. Want to make your cherry cabinets pop? Swap that brass finish for polished silver. Want a regal look for your drawer pulls? Opt for gold plating with embellishments or flourishes.

The Shopping Pit Stop tool on the Renovation Roadmap makes shopping for new hardware easy and fun! Our material selection checklists will help you choose the perfect hardware for your cabinets or drawers (but stick to your budget!) and choose the highest quality materials in the store.

Bring Your DIY Home Renovation Ideas to Life With The Renovation Roadmap

No matter how you plan to transform your home, the Renovation Roadmap is here to make the process a breeze! With our videos, tutorials, checklists, tip-sheets and other great resources, you have everything you need to turn your DIY home renovation idea into a beautiful home!

Sign up for the Renovation Roadmap and begin your project today!

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