Create A Great Entertaining Space With This Remodeling Checklist

Are you hoping to turn your home into the best gathering place on the block? Throughout the year, there are so many great holidays and occasions to celebrate: New Year, graduation, National Watermelon Day (just checking you were paying attention!), birthdays, Fourth of July.…the list goes on and on.

If you love to host a good party, why not build your own entertaining space in your home? The Renovation Roadmap™ can make it happen! All the tips, checklists, videos and other resources included with the Renovation Roadmap make remodeling like a pro easy. We believe everyone deserves a space they love, so here is a remodeling checklist to help you get started. (Hors d’oeuvres recipes not included – although, I make a mean dip).

Organize Your Ideas for a Great Shindig Space

Wow, narrowing down your ideas can be challenging – especially if you have so many great ones! Designing an entertaining space (in particular) has nearly endless possibilities. Want a smaller entertaining space for intimate dinner parties and movie nights? Or are you hoping to turn your entire basement into party central, complete with home bar and big-screen television?

Our Plan the Journey tool has a variety of worksheets to help you plan, organize and communicate your renovation ideas. This crucial first step in the remodeling checklist ensures you start off strong and visualize your ideas during the entire process.

Choose the Best Materials for your Bash

Shopping is awesome except when it seems like there are too many decisions. What type of countertop material do you need for your home bar? What about the paint color for your rec room? There are so many crucial decisions and the best choice is important to help you create a space you truly love. With countless brands, material types and products out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the selection process and just give up!

Shopping Pit Stop from the Renovation Roadmap makes your materials decision-making easy. This tool provides material selection checklists that you can use to help while researching products, or even bring to the store or showroom while you’re making your purchases!

Stuck? Get Inspired. And Party Hearty!

Knowing where to get help when you hit a wall is one of the most important parts of a remodeling checklist – and life if you think about it. Even with a clear vision of your final renovation, you may get stuck during the remodel process. Maybe you can’t find the perfect couch, are re-thinking your design or constantly trying to make your space flow better.

The Renovation Roadmap gives you an inspirational boost! All of the steps in the Renovation Roadmap feature intro videos, tips and advice to help keep you moving.

Renovate and Celebrate with Confidence with the Renovation Roadmap

Even if you know the important parts of your remodeling checklist, having a tool by your side to guide you through every step and provide advice along the way is invaluable for ensuring renovation success. Featuring all the resources you need and all designed to help you create a space you love, the Renovation Roadmap will make your renovation straight forward. Soon enough, you’ll have the perfect entertaining space for hosting unforgettable gatherings in your own home!

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