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The Renovation Roadmap™
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We believe every great home begins with an even better story
and a hope for the future.

The Story Behind Our Story

I didn’t grow up like most kids. I moved around a lot and never really felt settled. I dreamed of having a home where I could be myself; feel safe and grounded.

That longing to create “my space” led me to my life’s purpose - helping others create homes that nurture and inspire them to live their best lives.

That sense of purpose propelled me, and my husband Mark, to build Synergy Design & Construction an award-winning professional design and remodeling firm. Fast-forward several years and although we had a long-list of happy clients-turned-friends, I realized we needed to help more people. I was tired of not being able to work with someone because they were out of our service area or because they had already chosen their contractor.

I needed to figure out how I could help more people create the homes they loved on a bigger scale.

The “Renovation Roadmap” was born.

Applying our own methodology and 8-step process, we created an online program to support and empower homeowners everywhere to work confidently with contractors, stick to their budget, stay on schedule and ultimately redesign a space that homeowners like you can love living in again.

Along my journey I also become a certified Interior Alignment® Practitioner (also known as instinctive Feng Shui).

I have since helped countless people create the success they desire by focusing on a home’s energy and realigning it. As a result, a space becomes a manifestation of our life’s purpose and a catalyst for living the healthy, happy lives we’ve always wanted.

“We need to go BEYOND pretty countertops and new flooring and use our spaces as the catalyst for our own personal transformation.”

“Embracing the ENERGY in the spaces around us is the key to living healthier, happier, and empowered lives.”

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