3 Reasons to Use an Online Renovation Planner

Home renovations can be intimidating, no matter the scale of your project. There are many steps to navigate and selections to make, which can lead to a stressful experience for many homeowners. Between coming up with a design, choosing a contractor, creating a budget, making purchases, and much more, you may be left wondering where to begin.

A home renovation does not have to be a confusing, stressful mess. An online renovation planner like the Renovation Roadmap™ can guide you on your renovation journey and help you execute a flawless remodel. With a variety of tools and resources, the Renovation Roadmap will help you create beautiful new spaces  and a home you love. Here are a few ways an online renovation planner like the Renovation Roadmap can help you:

  1. Easy, Step-by-Step Guidance

A renovation planner provides you with a clear, easy-to-follow process that covers every aspect and requirement of your home remodeling project. The Renovation Roadmap has 8 steps—plus bonus resources and support—that provide you with instruction and guidance at every step of the way. Start out with Plan the Journey, which offers a variety of worksheets to help you organize your ideas. As your remodel progresses, use the Shopping Pit Stop section before you go out shopping for materials , furniture, and appliances so you can make the best – and most informed – purchases. In the final stages of your remodel, the Light at the End section provides you with the quality control checklists and advice you need to ensure a high quality end result. These along with the other clear steps in  the Renovation Roadmap ensure you have a smooth renovation journey from beginning to end.

  1. Almost Endless Resources

The Renovation Roadmap is packed full of worksheets, checklists, sample contracts, advice, tools, videos, and much more. When you sign up for the Renovation Roadmap, you get immediate access to all of these resources to guide and support your renovation. For example,  Watch for Hazards offers sample floor plans to give you ideas and provides expert advice on things to take into consideration in your remodel. When you reach Read the Map, sample contracts are provided, so you can ensure you and your contractor are in lock step on the scope of your project and you end up with what you pay for in your renovation. Our bonus step on the roadmap, Interior Alignment® Practices, offers a variety of feng shui and space clearing tips and techniques and other innovative ideas on how you make your new space work for you. No matter where you are in the renovation process, the Renovation Roadmap arms you with invaluable tools to make your project as smooth as possible.

  1. Community Support

Not only does becoming a member of  the Renovation Roadmap give you all the handy tools, how-to videos and worksheets of an online renovation planner, but you also gain access to an entire online community of renovation experts and homeowners just like you looking to support one another. You can ask other homeowners for advice or swap renovation experience stories. Halfway through your kitchen remodel and want input on the paint color? Ask the community and get inspiration and guidance on your choices!

Looking for an Online Renovation Planner? Choose the Renovation Roadmap for Your Remodeling Project!

When searching for home renovation resources that give you all the tools you need, the Renovation Roadmap is the clear choice! Our easy-to-follow roadmap is filled with checklists, tip sheets, sample contracts, videos, and more to give you everything you need for a successful home remodel. You will also have access to our online community, where you can ask other homeowners and renovation experts for advice and receive overwhelming support.

Choose an online renovation planner that sets you up for success. Sign up for the Renovation Roadmap today!

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