3 Interior Design Trends You Should Know About

Your home’s interior design not only affects how it looks, but how it feels and how it functions to make busy lives a little easier. How your home is arranged and decorated can make the difference between feeling frustrated and stressed out or falling in love with it all over again every time you step through the door. When it comes to remodeling, many of the new design trends take this balance into account.  Understanding these trends and how to make them work for you in capturing both the look and feel you want is a great first step in deciding how to renovate.

Below is a list of hot interior design trends to know about when planning your project. Once you have your interior design ideas, sign up for The Renovation Roadmap to make your remodel easy, straightforward and fun.

1. Mixed Materials

Mixing and matching is not just a trend for clothing anymore. We never thought flowers and stripes could look so good in an outfit and – when done right – they can look great in your home, too. Homeowners have begun to experiment with mixing various textures, colors and materials in their home. Couches may be filled with throw pillows of different patterns. Brick and wood may come together in a shared living space for a nice contrast. Mixed metals in kitchen fixtures and hardware is definitely hot and on-trend right now. There has been a design shift away from all chrome and nickel everything to softer shades of rose gold and even brass is making a come back. If you are looking for interior design ideas that are bold and exciting, get creative with your material selections and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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2. Technology & Smart Home Automation

More and more homeowners are turning to technology and smart home automation to make their daily lives much easier. Between packing lunches, running off to work and taking the kids to soccer practice, the convenience and ease-of-use of technological home features is all too appealing. It seems almost anything in the home can be automated these days: door locks, lights, refrigerators, skylights, audio systems and much more. Want an oven you can control from the dashboard of your car? No problem! Check out the newest Thermador innovations! If you are looking for unique, time-saving interior design elements to add during your next remodel, consider smart home automation.

3. Rustic, Craftsman and Environmentally Friendly

Despite homes becoming more automated, many homeowners also love the charming, traditional feel of hand-made, rustic décor. We’ve seen a revival of driftwood coffee tables, wooden furniture, and lighting fixtures using recycled and natural materials. This interior design trend is perfect for homeowners looking to create a country, farm-like home or who want to bring a little of the outdoors in. This also applies to the accessories in your home. We love the range of wood and glass items from Bambeco including wine decanters, pitchers and glasses which transform trash into treasure. These beautiful products are made from old soda bottles from landfills. These are unique pieces made entirely by hand mouthblown in a centuries old tradition.  The best bit? A tree is planted for every purchase! Now, that’s great design!

Photo credit: Bambeco

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